Rewards Program

Each SRCo customer earns $25 for every $750 they spend with us. How do you qualify for such a dreamy, simple and generous program, you ask? Automatically! As long as you are registered in our point of sale system you’ll begin earning SRCo Rewards Program dollars with your next purchase. And our rewards dollars are as green as those in your purse or wallet.

Return Policy

Most return policies are hidden on the back of receipts in font sizes so small you need the Hubble telescope to read them.  Never-you-mind the customer (un)friendly details contained within the fine print.  Our return policy is simple:

We stand behind our product line and customer experience with confidence.  If you are unhappy with the performance and/or quality of your purchase, for any reason, please do not hesitate to come back to the shop.  We will gladly work together to re-fit you.

Team Sales/Uniforms

Let the Scranton Running Co. outfit your team:

  • We offer a variety of team uniform options from both the top and discount brands;
  • Screen printing;
  • Apparel/sneaker packages available

Event Tees, Promotional Items

Need to source and screen/embroider tees for your race or special event? We do that too! Let the headaches be ours, not yours. We work with race directors and event managers to select the highest quality and most cost effective tee shirt options, and then work with reputable printers to make your tees come to life.

Corporate, Health & Wellness, Racing Events

Our staff makes frequent appearances in the community. We love getting out of the store for race expos, speaking engagements, medical nights, gait analysis, shoe fittings, showcasing our product line and chatting all things active lifestyle. Contact us for more information on how we can enhance your event with a little Scranton Running Company magic.

For more information please contact us at 570-955-0921 or info @